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SEO Guide for Article Writing in 2022

SEO Guide for Article Writing in 2022

Are you worried about how can you write search engine optimized article for your blog post or page? Well, here is a quick SEO guide for you. A simple rule to follow this SEO guide and get ranked on the search engine is to apply all the listed points.

Keyword Usage

• Keyword length can be 4 words. Such keywords are known as long-tail keywords or keyword phrases.
• More than 4 words are not recommended in the long-tail keyword.
• Use LSI (Latent Semantic Keyword) keyword (optional)
• Write the keyword once in the meta description
• Write the first paragraph with keyword once. The keyword has to come in the first 100 words.
• Keyword usage limit: Write keyword 5 to 10 times in an article of 500 words

Title, Meta Description, and URL

• SEO Title word limit can be 70 but no obvious limit. Google will show the pixel size limit. So overall it is a hit and trial.
• Page Url must have keyword
• The meta description should have a limit of 120 to 158 characters. Try to write the main content in 120 characters.

H1, H2 Tags Usage

• Write the main title in H1
• Write other headings in H2
• H2 headings can be 2 to 3 for a minimum 500 words article.
Note: There is no certainty about the usage of h1 an h2 tags. It is better to use with common sense like how we used to write in our notebook.
Even use more headings if you have such content.

Internal and External Linking

• Use only relevant links.
• Write the link with the correct context.
• Write an anchor text.
• Do not use the same anchor text every time.
• Do write “no follow” tag if a link is not important for SEO.
• Link those pages which are already ranking high.
• Do not add so many links.
Note: There is no certain link limit.

Image Optimization

• Use royalty-free images.
• Write alt tag and title for images.
• Use optimized images.

Article length

• Word limit can be 500 to 2000 words, even more.
• Avoid repeated sentences in the article.
• Write authentic content.
Note: There is no certainty about the word limit but yes less than 500 words article is not really recommended.

Page Design

• Make sure the page load speed score is 90 or above.
• The page design has to be easy to read and attractive to the audience.
• The page design has to be mobile-friendly.
• Make clear CTA (Call to action).
• Integrate social media share.
• Make AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) for the same content (optional).

Bonus Tips in this SEO guide

• robots.txt should allow crawling.
• The sitemap includes the page.
• The page can be https (optional).

Some Awesome Tools

• Ahref
• Semrush
• Google Keyword Planner
• Ubersuggest
• Yoast SEO (For WordPress Websites)

Please let me know in the below comment section if you want to know more about SEO. Also, stay connected for deals on tools membership as well as more SEO tips. And if you are looking for an article writer or SEO Expert then I am just a click away 🙂



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