Social Media Manager

Are you an entrepreneur? If your business is B2C (Business to Client) means you are a business entity and your clientele is the direct end user. Then you should focus on social media marketing. Social Media Management for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Adverts are the most important key points to achieve a great market presence of your business. I have 4 years experience in social media marketing and i have completed 150+ social media projects.

Social Media marketing Services


I will manage all social media account i.e, Facebook page, twitter account, Instagram account, google plus page and linked in company page for one month.

This product is for one month. I will do the followings

1. I will design posts. (Combination of article and visual image so that more followers will get attracted to the profile).
2. I will do the posting on every social media account.
3. I will customize the profiles.
4. I will design profile picture.
5. I will design cover picture.
6. Post Engagement.
7. Reputation Protection.
8. Spam Removal.
9. I will provide the first report before I start the work and second report after the finish of my work. (So that you can calculate the result)

Cost: Starting from $100


I will do the following

1. I will design Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter ad design.
2. I will customize the adverts.
3. I will manage advert.

Cost: Starting From $40 

Adverts cost will be the addon. 

I provide these services in different packages like 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, and 6 months.

Please note: I do not claim any guaranteed sales or conversion. This entirely depends on market and audience. Also, please do not offer any commission basis work. 

If you are planning for SEO and Google, Bing, Yahoo adverts then also let me know.  I assure you for the best possible and timely services with quality work.

Payment Mode: Paypal (5% Transaction fees), Direct bank transfer (No extra fees), Other freelancing platforms (Add 12% to 22% as their fees)
Please note: Every payment is non-refundable. 
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