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Top 5 Myths About Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur is someone who pursues opportunity regardless of any resources limitations. Yeah, you know that but still have you failed your entrepreneurship? If yes then there will no other reason except Top 5 Myths About Entrepreneurship.

Myth 1: You should have a perfect idea

An idea comes in a mind by filtering personal fit and potential market. And this filtering process is ongoing for quite some point to finalize the idea. So having a perfect idea before analyzing everything is not possible. You should start with the first things come in your mind and then try to filter it to make an idea.

Myth 2: You should have all the answers

To be honest, there is no one in the world who has all the answers. Especially, not every entrepreneur can have all the answers. If you have all the answers already then might be you are looking at very small perspective or you left with nothing more to discover. Either of the two reasons is enough to fail your entrepreneurship before you think to execute it. To overcome such a mindset, you should follow the discipline entrepreneur approach.

Myth 3: You should have experience

Experience is something you earn overtime. It is not important that you should obtain experience in the same domain. Or you should have worked in a company which provide similar service or product. Your idea has you and your own experience towards that idea which simply makes it different from the other.

Myth 4: You should go all in

If you are thinking that you should leave your job or your studies or your family responsibilities to pursue your business idea. Then you are very wrong. The initial stage of entrepreneurship does not take 100% time of yours. Eventually, it works on the Pareto principle, which demonstrates that 80% of the value comes from 20% of the efforts. Therefore you should focus on finding that 20 % of things to yield 80% of the results. In this way, you can be committed to your regular thing as well as to your entrepreneurship.

Myth 5: You need lots of money

It is one of the biggest mistakes, an entrepreneur can make. And fail the business completely even before initiating it. In real world scenario, you do not need lots of money initially. Even most of the successful businesses were funded by family and friends. First of all, you need to prove yourself some in the market. Then money will come to you automatically.

Hey, My name is Taniya Parmar. I have been running successful online businesses of website designing, digital marketing, and business consulting. I hope you enjoy reading Myths About Entrepreneurship. I write some real-time problems and their solutions in my blog. So stay tune in for the new blog. Also, feel free to ask if you have any questions.



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