SEO Guide for Article Writing in 2022

SEO Guide for Article Writing in 2022 Are you worried about how can you write search engine optimized article for your blog post or page? Well, here is a quick SEO guide for you. A simple rule to follow this SEO guide and get ranked on the search engine is to apply all the listed […]

5 Quick Tips to Hire Social Media Manager

Hi, I am Taniya Parmar. I have done engineering and a masters in computer science. I have been working as a web developer and digital marketing expert for 4 years now. My portfolio consists of 200+ website projects and 150+ digital marketing projects. As a social media manager, I have worked on so many projects. […]

2020 Is For Business With Website

75% of consumers make a judgment on company credibility based on its website design. If you do not have a website or have a bad website then it may make your consumers not to trust in your company. And as we all know people prefer to do business with a company which has a good […]

How Do I Setup My Cpanel Email In Outlook

Are you struggling with outlook to setup or configure your Cpanel email? The same problem occurs with my hundreds of clients and they keep asking me “How Do I Setup My Cpanel Email In Outlook”. Then either I have to talk to them on the phone for step by step process or just do team […]

Why Website Maintenance Is Necessary?

Hi Everyone, I am back again with the latest most asked question from my clients. That is Why Website Maintenance Is Necessary? From some time I have been answering this question some of my clients one by one at any certain point in time. It kills much of my time to explain the necessity of website maintenance. […]

Top 5 Myths About Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur is someone who pursues opportunity regardless of any resources limitations. Yeah, you know that but still have you failed your entrepreneurship? If yes then there will no other reason except Top 5 Myths About Entrepreneurship. Myth 1: You should have a perfect idea An idea comes in a mind by filtering personal fit […]

How to Write Search Engine Optimized Blog in 2020

You have properly written blog posts. But are you struggling to rank them in search engines? Then do not worry, you are not alone. A lot of people suffer from this problem. There is a very simple way to solve this problem. I make websites and do digital marketing for my clients. Some of them prefer to write their […]

SEO Checklist

A lot of people think that they have the website and now they will get huge business. But this is not the reality, after getting website done for your business. You need to focus on its digital marketing. The very first thing comes in digital marketing is search engine marketing. It helps your website to […]